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Pros and cons of air stone of aquarium

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Air stones are very important for any aquarium you already know. So if you are planning to buy an air stone then you should know a little bit about it, right?

So here in this article, I’m going to discuss the air stones of aquarium

Without wasting much time let’s dive deep into the topic

Pros and cons of air stones of aquarium

Pros & Cons

I guess from this chart you have got your answer but still, you need to know a little bit more about air stones before buying any of these

Can you use air stones instead of an air pump?

You should know that an air stone needs an air pump otherwise it won’t work. So without an air pump, you can think of it.

But if you have a good filter system then you may not need air stones. You should know that filter is mandatory for large aquariums because without the filtration process the water of your aquarium will be cloudy and that is very much unhealthy for fish. So you have to focus on the biological, mechanical & chemical filtration of the aquarium.

As air stones just help to circulate water that’s why this is not 100% mandatory for aquariums, fishbowls or fish tanks.

If your fish tank or aquarium is narrow and deep then you must use air stones because in this case air stones will help to circulate water from bottom to top and along with this it will help to increase the surface of the water to oxygenate passively.

Pros and cons of 5 best BEST air stones which you should consider before buying

1. Pawfly air Stones Cylinder

If you ask me why I put it at the first of the list, then I’ll say that just because it’s tiny little size. Lots of fishkeepers don’t want to put large air stones and for those people this is the best. The size of this air stone is 0.6”x1” (DXH) which is good for small fish bowls.


  • This is tiny little air stone which is very good for small fish bowl owners
  • Create tons of tiny bubbles rather than large one


  • Chemical odour may occur sometimes which is very annoying.
  • Due to its tiny size it should be attached well with substrate


2. EcoPlus Round Air Stone

This is the air stone which is good for big aquarium or fish tank. When you have a narrow and deep aquarium in your home, you can use it easily to aerate and oxygenate water both. So that is one of the key features of it


  • This air stone can do aerate and oxygenate water both.
  • Water temperate can be maintained by it


  • Powerful air pump is needed
  • Only for bigger fish tanks (15 gallon – 26.5 gallon)

3. Uxcell Black Mineral Air Stone

If you have big fish tanks like 50-100 gallons then you can use it easily to make it fresh easily. This air stone little bit heavy but it is suitable for aquariums, fish tanks, pond hydroponic & circulation systems.


  • It helps to reduce CO2 in the aquarium
  • Cascade bubbles look greater


  • Little bit expensive
  • There is no backup in the package

Final thoughts

If you are thinking that you need an air stone for your fishbowl or aquarium then you should buy it because this will give you some extra care for your fish. But before buying any air stone you need to know about its advantages and disadvantages and here in this article I’ve shown exactly the same

.Not only that, I’ve suggested to you some good air stones which are available in the market in recent times. So just know about these and buy the suitable one for your fish tank

So best of luck & happy fishkeeping 🐟

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