Coral Reef

Are Anemones Really HARD to Keep? Expert’s Opinions

Check Our Quick Stories  For reefers, the anemones are one of the best additions in a reef tank all the time. However, anemones are classed as very hard to keep. Actually, this is true. Lots of experienced reefers struggle sometimes to keep different types of anemones. Most of the anemones require meaty foods, strong lights […]

Effects of Low or High Lights on Reef Tank: A Guideline 

Check Our Quick Stories  Corals are one of the most significant additions of a reef tank and these are very sensitive marine species. In particular, you must take care of the light distribution on a reef tank. A high or low light intensity can create an adverse effect on corals as well as the reef […]

Tisbe PODS VS Tiger PODS: Choose Wisely For Reef Tank

Check Our Quick Stories Mainly copepods have two common types. One is tisbe pods and another is tiger pods. Generally, new reefers remain confused with the pods when they start. They may think both are the same. But actually, this is not the case. Tisbe pods (0.033 inches) are smaller in size than tiger pods […]

Various Types of Pods in Reef Tank: With Nutrition Values

Check Our Quick Stories A reef tank always carries microorganisms. If you have a reef tank that means you are keeping aquatic biodiversity in your house. So there is no surprise if your reef tank carries pods. There are some types of pods that you should know about. Different types of pods in a reef […]

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