Aquatic Plants

Toxic Plants for Betta Fish (Top 7 with Pictures)

Check Our Quick Stories Do you know some plants can kill your betta fish? They are pretty toxic to betta fish. Now by listening to this, some planted tank enthusiasts may become upset. Don’t be! Because we are here to discuss the top 7 toxic plants for betta fish Betta fish is enormously attractive to […]

Definitive Care Guide of Marimo Moss Ball with Infographics

Check Our Quick Stories  Marimo moss balls are one of the common aquatic plants in the planted tank hobby. If you are a beginner and want to start a planted tank, you can easily start with this. To keep marimo moss balls healthy you should know its care guide.  As a whole, to keep marimo […]

Fertilizing Aquarium Plants (Infographics): Basic to Advance

Check Our Quick Stories  Any type of plant requires three major nutrients for its growth. These are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These three nutrients are called NPK together.  As these nutrients are required the most, these are called macronutrients too.  Aquatic plants need the same nutrients to grow faster. So if you want to build […]

Is Money Plant (pothos) Suitable for Fish? A Scientific Analysis

Some aquarists want to keep money plants or pothos in their aquarium. So it’s quite natural to ask about the effects of money plants on fish in aquariums. Now here I will show in this article whether money plants are suitable or not according to my experience. As a whole, money plant (pothos) is suitable […]

Basic Interaction Between Plants & Fish Inside an Aquarium

Check Our Quick Stories  An aquarium requires aquatic plants to keep it healthy. Lots of aquarists ignore the plants while building an aquarium. However, there is a relation between aquatic plants and the fishes. This relationship helps to build a natural aquatic environment inside of the aquarium. Aquatic plants in an aquarium help fish to […]

Why does my aquarium plant turn transparent?

Check Our Quick Stories Aquarium plants are one of the main things to maintain a healthy aquatic life inside of the fish tank. It helps to generate oxygen and plays a vital role to run the ecosystem inside the tank. Now plants become transparent instead of becoming fresh and green. Plants can become translucent. The […]

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