Water Parameters

Everything about Water Parameters of Freshwater Aquariums 

Check Our Quick Stories Most beginner aquarists face difficulties regarding the water parameters of their aquarium. Due to this, pet fish die off quickly and they give up their hobby. However, don’t worry, we are here to discuss everything about the water parameters of freshwater aquariums. This article is all about different water parameters of […]

How To Remove Nitrate From Aquarium Naturally

Check Our Quick Stories  Nitrate is a by-product and the last chain of the nitrogen cycle. This nitrogen cycle is a part of the nitrification process. Nitrification is such a process where a fish tank converts the poisonous ammonia into very less toxic nitrate. But nitrate is not a good element for your aquarium for […]

Symptoms of Chlorine Poisoning in Fish Tank

Check Our Quick Stories Chlorine level is the most neglected water parameter in the aquarium hobby. Most aquarists don’t know the right chlorine level of an aquarium. Excessive chlorine can destroy fish in just two days without giving any proper notice. So awareness about symptoms of chlorine positioning is important. Chlorine destroys the slime coat […]

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