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Everything about Water Parameters of Freshwater Aquariums 

Check Our Quick Stories Most beginner aquarists face difficulties regarding the water parameters of their aquarium. Due to this, pet fish die off quickly and they give up their hobby. However, don’t worry, we are here to discuss everything about the water parameters of freshwater aquariums. This article is all about different water parameters of […]

How to Enhance The Color of Aquarium Fish: 7 Best Ways 

Check Our Quick Stories Every beginner fish keeper wants their aquarium to be full of colorful fish. However, the colors of fish will be vibrant & magical if you follow some simple ways.  Almost all types of pet fish need to intake a combination of high-quality food i.e. live foods (brine shrimp, bloodworms), green food […]

Lucky Fish For Home Aquarium: Choose From These 6 Fish

Check Our Quick Stories Everyone wants to be successful in life. So they try hard in their own ways. However, do you know ornamental fish can help you to achieve your goal in life? Is that so?  Yes, it is. According to Feng Shui, some ornamental fish can bring prosperity and abundance in life. Now […]

9 Best Aquarium Fish To Breed For Profit

Check Our Quick Stories Breeding aquarium fish is not so hard if you get proper guidance & proper steps. Some fish like guppies breed so intensely without even proper care.  However, if you want to generate some profit by selling them then obviously you need some proper instruments & knowledge. But before starting anything you […]

How to keep fish healthy in a fishbowl: 5 uncommon tricks

Check Our Quick Stories  Lots of new aquarists like you start their fishkeeping journey from a fishbowl. It is because to maintain a fishbowl aquarists do not require a huge cost like a big or medium-sized aquarium. However, keeping fish in a fishbowl is quite tough for inexperienced fish keepers. So here in this article, […]

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