Lucky Fish For Home Aquarium

Lucky Fish For Home Aquarium: Choose From These 6 Fish

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Everyone wants to be successful in life. So they try hard in their own ways. However, do you know ornamental fish can help you to achieve your goal in life? Is that so? 

Yes, it is. According to Feng Shui, some ornamental fish can bring prosperity and abundance in life. Now it is very good news for fishkeepers. isn’t that? 

So, this article will discuss the top 6 lucky fish for home aquariums. According to the list, you can plan to keep fish in your home or office. Without wasting time, let’s dive deep into the topic. 

What are the top 6 lucky fish for home aquariums?

1. Arowana Fish

Silver arowana
Silver arowana

Arowana fish is famous as one of the top monster fish. Aquarists often call this fish a dragon fish due to its appearance. Despite all of this, Arowana is considered one of the luckiest aquarium fish for home, office, or anywhere else.  

According to Feng Shui, the owner of arowana fish will get prosperity in life. Moreover, it is an icon of wealth. Not only that but it symbolizes power, health, and happiness also.

Ancient sacred Chinese history tells us that The Dragon is the symbol of Power or The Emperor. Now Arowana fish resembles the dragon quite well. So it is believed that if a person can keep arowana well it means he is keeping the power in his/her hand. 

According to Phen Shui, a fish keeper should keep nine numbers of arowanas in a pond. Eight should be red or golden arowanas and the rest should be black. 

However, everybody may not have the capabilities to keep nine arowanas together because it requires a hell lot of experience and care. So you can keep one arowana in an aquarium at least to be the luckiest person in the world. 

Arowana is a long, smooth, streamlined fish of great beauty with a unique character. Their entire body in unique patterns. Arowanas are aggressive fish.

2. Dragon Koi fish

Koi Fish
Koi Fish

Koi fish is very popular in the whole world. Various types of koi fish you can find to the koi breeders. Among those varieties, The Dragon Koi or the Butterfly Koi are considered lucky fish for fishkeepers. 

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To know the context you have to know the history of koi a little bit. Koi fish had been introduced to the Japanese emperors by Chinese traders. 

As koi fish are intelligent enough, some incidents symbolize that the koi fish are lucky enough for those who keep koi well. 

As we discussed, the Dragon is a sign of power in Chinese history. The dragon Koi also symbolizes power and strength. 

Not only that, but these dragon koi fish symbolize success in students’ careers. So if you are studying then you must keep dragon koi for better luck and achieve a successful career. 

Furthermore, butterfly koi is probably one of the prettiest koi in the world. Their long fins are very eye-catching and elegant. Try to keep golden butterfly koi or dragon koi. It will be easier to achieve success in your career.

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3. Black Moor Fish

Black Moor Goldfish
Black Moor fish

According to Vastu or Feng Shui, black-colored fish are one of the best fish to keep at home. The black color symbolizes negative energy absorption. 

Generally, it is believed that the black moor fish is capable of absorbing all the negative emotions, thoughts, effects, etc. to fishkeepers and their surroundings. 

Black moor fish is a rare type of goldfish. They need proper care and tank decoration to be healthy and happy. Fish keepers need a little bit of experience to keep black moor fish in captivity. 

Furthermore, this fish enhances the positive power and effects of the surroundings. So if you want to be successful in life then it is mandatory to eliminate negative effects first to be frictionless and black moor fish can help it to achieve.

4. Flower Horn Fish


The Flower Horn fish is known for its extraordinary beauty. Almost every fish keeper wishes to keep this fish with a great head bump at least one time. But do you know flowerhorn fish carry immense luck factors?   

According to Feng Shui, as a flowerhorn fish is very strong so it has a direct connection to the five basic elements of the Universe. These are Air, Earth, Water, Fire & Spirit. Now all of these elements help a person to get prosperity in life. 

Flowerhorn is so colorful to see. It resembles good luck, career success, love, affection, etc. Besides this, a flowerhorn has a bump on its head which symbolizes the top of the mountain. Now according to Feng Shui, the top of the mountain represents career, fame, proper education, and good health. 

So you must try to keep flowerhorn. However, keeping this fish healthy is so tough. If you are a beginner fishkeeper then you have to learn fishkeeping from us then you can keep flowerhorn without any problem to become successful.

5. Goldfish

Telescope Goldfish
Telescope Goldfish

Sounds amazing right? Goldfish? How can it be lucky? 

Yes, Goldfish are one of the fish which bring aspiring luck to you. According to Vastu Shastra goldfish can help to bring wealth, prosperity, abundance, harmony, positivity, and fertility. 

However, if you already have goldfish then you have to maintain some tips regarding goldfish. 

You must keep three goldfish in your house or office. A combination of two normal and one black goldfish can be the best pick-up for your home or office. Black goldfish is recommended because it absorbs all the negativity from its surroundings. 

Moreover, goldfish is a very economical, frequent, straightforward choice and very easy to take care of. If you don’t have time to keep arowana, koi or flowerhorn then goldfish is the right option for you to bring luck.  

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6. Fancy Guppy

Fancy Guppies
Fancy Guppies

I hope now you have become a fan of Feng Shui. Right? However, if you still find those fish are not for you then the last one may be for you. This is Fancy Guppy. 

Guppy fish don’t have a direct connection to luck but according to Feng Shui if you keep nine numbers of pet fish in your home or office then you can bring back your luck. Now it is very time and wealth-consuming to keep nine numbers of other fish except guppies. 

Guppy fish is available in gray, red, blue, and several other colors. They are very peaceful fishes and would bring a joyful environment to your home. So nothing is better if you wanna keep nine numbers of fancy guppies. 

You can find black guppies too. So it should be the combination of eight numbers of colorful guppies and one black guppy. However, guppies die soon. So you must look after if any one of them has died. You must replace the dead fish immediately. 

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Final Thoughts  

Here we have discussed the top 6 lucky fish for home aquariums. Now you have to choose according to your fish-keeping experience. If you don’t have much experience then you definitely learn from us. 

However, if you have experience in this hobby then we recommend keeping arowana or flowerhorn. Otherwise, go for goldfish or guppies. It will be economical for you too. 

Keeping koi in an aquarium is not recommended. However, if you have an outside pond then you can keep koi fish. It will probably be the best to bring back luck. 

Best of luck and happy fish-keeping.

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