Saltwater Fish

Unique Marine Reef Safe Fish Revealed: Top 7 Recommendation

Check Our Quick Stories  Lots of aquarists want to build marine tanks for them. It is obvious because marine tanks are much more colorful than freshwater tanks. Some aquarists want to keep reef live corals too. If you want to stock live corals then you must select reef-safe saltwater fish for your tank.  Due to […]

Is Saltwater Aquarium HARD to Maintain? Causes With Solutions

Check Our Quick Stories A saltwater aquarium is hard to maintain. This statement should not have any type of contradiction. But this depends on the aquarist’s experience and efforts. Generally, the saltwater aquarium is harder to maintain than a freshwater fish tank. Saltwater fish tank needs a certain level of specific gravity of water, calcium […]

Are red algae harmful for saltwater fishes in marine aquarium?

Check Our Quick Stories  Unicellular red algae do photosynthesis and add oxygen to the aquarium so this is beneficial for aquarium and fishes are comfortable staying with it because it creates a healthy marine environment. But red algae are harmful to plants while it blooms because it needs the same nutrients to grow which aquatic […]

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