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A Koi Fish Seems Too Expensive: Here Top 7 Reasons 

Check Our Quick Stories A koi fish was sold for $1.8 million dollars in an auction according to the source. It’s a huge price. Isn’t that? Unlike other ornamental fish, koi fish seem too expensive sometimes. Still, Koi fish is very popular worldwide.  Every koi keeper or backyard pond enthusiast wants to keep colorful and […]

Pond Mates of Koi: A List of 9 Most Suitable Fish

Check Our Quick Stories As a pond enthusiast, you must keep some fish as pond mates for koi fish. It helps to keep koi fish healthy & happy. You can keep other koi fish as pond mates too. It works well too. However, it can be expensive for the pond owners to maintain somehow.  Here […]

10 varieties of Koi Fish: Origin, Description & Pictures

Check Our Quick Stories Koi fish is one of the stunning fish that are considered as pets. Everyone wants to keep beautiful, elegant & eye-catching koi in their backyard pond. However, it is not possible to identify the right koi variety or pattern, or type without proper knowledge.  So this article is fully focused on […]

15 Best Plants For Koi Ponds: With Infographics & Charts

Check Our Quick Stories Backyard koi ponds are very popular worldwide. This is considered a great hobby. Now if you want to build a koi pond from scratch then you must choose some plants for that pond. These are mandatory to have for the health of your koi fish.  Koi fish have a habit of […]

How to Get Crystal Clear Koi Pond Water Right Away

Check Our Quick Stories  Every koi keeper expects initially that him/her koi pond will have the best aesthetic view. However, it doesn’t happen for some external or internal reasons. You as a beginner Koi keeper must know that the majority of aesthetic views of a koi pond depend on crystal clear water. So initially it […]

Is Koi Pond Not Clear? 7 Most Common Reasons of it 

Check Our Quick Stories  Those who want to keep koi or already are keeping koi may face the issue of the pond water turbidity any day. So it is better to gather knowledge in advance of it. This knowledge helps to know what will be the exact way to clean koi ponds efficiently.   One of […]

How to Grow Koi Fast up to 2-2.5 Feet: 5 Steps Guides

Check Our Quick Stories  Koi fish is largely popular among pond enthusiasts. They prefer to keep this fish as a pet. However, some beginners may not know how to grow koi fish fast up to 3-4 feet long which is quite easy.  To grow koi up to 2-2.5 ft in a pond, fishkeepers must choose […]

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