Best food for aquarium fish to grow faster: Don’t miss it

Check Our Quick Stories Food is the most important part of your aquarium fish growth you already know but you must provide some quality food that will help far better than a general one. This thing is not mandatory for all but if you want faster growth then you must focus on the quality of […]

Why should you use soil as substrate in aquarium? & HOW?

Check Our Quick Stories Soil can be used as a great substrate in aquarium and you should do. But this should consider only for planted aquarium. Now if you are planning to make a planted aquarium then you should know that how much important the soil as substrate is. But you should know why it […]

Pros and cons of air stone of aquarium

Check Our Quick Stories Air stones are very important for any aquarium you already know. So if you are planning to buy an air stone then you should know a little bit about it, right? So here in this article, I’m going to discuss the air stones of aquarium Without wasting much time let’s dive […]

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