Freshwater Fish

Starter Fish For Beginners: 9 Best Recommendations 

Check Our Quick Stories The success of an aquarium depends on which type of fish you as a beginner choose for your new aquarium. It is very overwhelming for a beginner fish keeper to choose the starter fish. At that point, every colorful species looks attractive.  We completely understood it and had gone through this […]

Types of Betta Fish: 7 Popular Patterns with Pictures 

Check Our Quick Stories In the world, you can find thousands of types of betta fish. Some are differentiated by colors or some are differentiated by their tails. However, in this article, we will discuss the various patterns of betta fish.   The betta fish is very much popular among fish keepers. Some of them start […]

Flowerhorn Tank Mates: 7 Possible Fish You Can Consider

Check Our Quick Stories Flowerhorns are very unique fish and very popular among fish keepers. They have a bump on their head that makes them attractive. Generally, they can’t be kept in a community tank due to their highly aggressive nature.  However, some large fish can be compatible with flowerhorn which have a high personality. […]

8 Most Popular Types of Arowana: Pictures, Origin & Description 

Check Our Quick Stories Arowana fish is one of the most expensive fish in the world. So everyone wants to keep this fascinating fish in captivity. Not only that but there is a ‘luck factor’ too that is attached with Arowana. So before purchasing Arowana you must know its types.  It is an expensive fish […]

Types of Mollies: Choose from 8 Most Popular One

Check Our Quick Stories Molly fish are one of the common freshwater fish. Everyone loves to keep them in a community tank due to their nature and low maintenance.  However, you can find hundreds of molly fish in a fish market. It is quite frustrating to choose which one will suit your aquarium of those […]

10 Types of Pleco Fish: With Pictures & Recommendation

Check Our Quick Stories Plecostomus are one of the most popular ornamental fish species. They are known as crocodile fish in some countries. The flat body shape of these fish makes them unique among aquarists.  In the world, various types of plecostomus are available there. This article will discuss the most common of them. You […]

Neon Tetra Tank Mates: 10 Best Picks For You 

Check Our Quick Stories Neon tetras are one of the most popular freshwater fish among all fish hobbyists. Lots of aquarists want to make a community tank by focusing on them.  Now, to create a community tank some tank mates of neon tetras are required. Those tank mates should be friendly, docile & freshwater species. […]

11 Most Unique Freshwater Fish For A Planted Tank

Check Our Quick Stories Building a planted aquarium is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Everyone wants to make their tank beautiful and natural. However, it depends on the fish that is chosen for the planted tank.  If you want to know just the names of the fish for a planted tank […]

Bottom Dwelling Freshwater Fish: Choose From 9 Best Options 

Check Our Quick Stories Each & every fish tank (except nano tanks) must have bottom-dweller fish. These bottom dwellers help to maintain the tank well. They just don’t clean the tank, rather they increase the coloration of tanks too.  For a community fish tank, bottom-dweller fish are the best. The quality of water remains well […]

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