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This website is made to produce quality content on fishkeeping hobby. The only purpose of this website is to provide purest data on this hobby. There are lots of new aquarists, who want to start fishkeeping. But they have no proper guidance on it. The sole purpose of this website is to uphold the original data of this hobby to guide them to start their new fish tank. The data of this website is not a general overview. These all are checked from the experts of the particular fields. This website is a reliable source of fishkeeping. 


Uphold Original Data

To Guide New Aquarists

Maintaining The Quality

Hey aquarists,

We are here to help you to do fishkeeping efficiently. 

Let’s check Our introduction

I’m Souvik Nag, author, content planner and founder of this website

The part-time Blogger and Fishkeeper for the past 6 years.

I’m a 24-year-old part-time blogger who loves to do blogging and share knowledge with others.

I’m from Kolkata (India) and by qualification, I’m a Civil Engineer. I’ve done my college B.Tech degree.

We’ve another partner also. He is Jyotirmoy Sanyal. He is also a fishkeeper and he is continuing this hobby for the past 10 years. Besides this, he manages everything about this website. 

Currently, our aim is to create an authority in this field online and help people know more details about fishkeeping. We’re an expert in this field because we are doing keeping fish for the past 6 years. So what I’ve learned from the past two years is the result of aqualifeexpert.com

Now Let’s talks about this blog

 We’ve started this blog to give a comprehensive guide about fishkeeping. That’s why we have named it aqualifeexpert.com

Want are the more purposes of this website?

The one and only purpose are to help the beginner to get clarity about fishkeeping.

To help us we have collaborated with a very special fishery expert Mr Uditpto Roy (PhD Scholar). We verify every information from him. 

His designation is Udipta Roy, M.F.Sc. (JRF), PhD Scholar, Aquaculture, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai.

This is only for giving you the best possible information about fishkeeping. 

For personal query, you can go to our Contact Us page   

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