What Should Be The Ideal Depth of A Koi Pond? & More

Don't Build Koi Pond Without Knowing These Infos

Approximately 3 feet

However, additional 2 feet (total 5 feet)  should be provided for additional safety

The Minimum Size of A Koi Pond Should  Be 6 ft Length, 5 ft Breadth & 3/5 ft Depth

It is not always possible to maintain building pond like this. However, the minimum volume should be the same

The Minimum Volume of the Water Should Be 1000-1200 Gallon.

4-5 average-sized koi can live here for a few years. However, It should not be permanent because koi grows fast.

Lengthy Koi Pond Is Better than Square or Circular Shape

Koi fish are very active & they love to swim. So to keep them healthy & happy try to build a leaghty pond.

Sectional View

Top View

Conceptual Design of A Koi Pond

* This is developed for just reference purpose. Actual pond varies a lot

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