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Tank Mates of Goldfish: 9 Best Picks for Beginners

Check Our Quick Stories Goldfish are the most common freshwater ornamental fish in the fishkeeping hobby.  Almost every hobbyist knows goldfish and wants to keep them.  However, some of them want to make a dedicated community goldfish tank. If you are one of them then you should know about the suitable tank mates of goldfish.  […]

How many goldfish you can put in a tank?

Goldfish is a very common fish among all aquarists. They all want to keep this fish at the very beginning because this is very friendly and colorful. But there is a common question out there and that is how many goldfish you can put in a tank. Well, this answer depends on its various types. […]

Is goldfish compatible with cichlids?

Check Our Quick Stories Goldfish is not tropical fish and this thrives in between the temperature range of 15°C to 25°C where cichlids are typical tropical fish and thrive in between the temperature range of 23°C to 27°C. Not only that, but goldfish have slime coats which can affect cichlids. But there are lots of […]

Starter Fish For Beginners: 9 Best Recommendations 

Check Our Quick Stories The success of an aquarium depends on which type of fish you as a beginner choose for your new aquarium. It is very overwhelming for a beginner fish keeper to choose the starter fish. At that point, every colorful species looks attractive.  We completely understood it and had gone through this […]

Everything about Water Parameters of Freshwater Aquariums 

Check Our Quick Stories Most beginner aquarists face difficulties regarding the water parameters of their aquarium. Due to this, pet fish die off quickly and they give up their hobby. However, don’t worry, we are here to discuss everything about the water parameters of freshwater aquariums. This article is all about different water parameters of […]

Pond Mates of Koi: A List of 9 Most Suitable Fish

Check Our Quick Stories As a pond enthusiast, you must keep some fish as pond mates for koi fish. It helps to keep koi fish healthy & happy. You can keep other koi fish as pond mates too. It works well too. However, it can be expensive for the pond owners to maintain somehow.  Here […]

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