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Types of Betta Fish: 7 Popular Patterns with Pictures 

Check Our Quick Stories In the world, you can find thousands of types of betta fish. Some are differentiated by colors or some are differentiated by their tails. However, in this article, we will discuss the various patterns of betta fish.   The betta fish is very much popular among fish keepers. Some of them start […]

Toxic Plants for Betta Fish (Top 7 with Pictures)

Check Our Quick Stories Do you know some plants can kill your betta fish? They are pretty toxic to betta fish. Now by listening to this, some planted tank enthusiasts may become upset. Don’t be! Because we are here to discuss the top 7 toxic plants for betta fish Betta fish is enormously attractive to […]

5 Rare Betta Fish that you must try to collect: With Care Guide

Check Our Quick Stories  In general, betta fish are common to most aquarists. They are famous for their vibrant colors, shapes & activities. However, there are some betta fish that you can’t find at every fish store or any online website. They are considered as rare betta fish species.   In this article, we will help […]

Two Betta Fish in The Same Tank: Is It Even Possible?

Check Our Quick Stories  As betta fish is the most beautiful of all the ornamental fish, lots of aquarists want to keep more than one betta in the same tank. This is not possible every time because of its aggression. However, with the help of some basic knowledge and tricks, you can keep some betta […]

Starter Fish For Beginners: 9 Best Recommendations 

Check Our Quick Stories The success of an aquarium depends on which type of fish you as a beginner choose for your new aquarium. It is very overwhelming for a beginner fish keeper to choose the starter fish. At that point, every colorful species looks attractive.  We completely understood it and had gone through this […]

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