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Toxic Plants for Betta Fish (Top 7 with Pictures)

Toxic Plants for Betta Fish

Toxic Plants for Betta Fish

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Do you know some plants can kill your betta fish? They are pretty toxic to betta fish. Now by listening to this, some planted tank enthusiasts may become upset. Don’t be! Because we are here to discuss the top 7 toxic plants for betta fish

Betta fish is enormously attractive to everyone. right?  Everybody wants to keep it because of its beauty and low maintenance. Betta prefers to be in a planted tank. However, before placing them in a planted tank you must check this list about these toxic plants for betta fish. So without wasting time let’s dive deep into the topic. 

Top 7 toxic plants for betta fish

1. English Ivy


English Ivy


English ivy is such a plant that it is considered poisonous to aquariums. Betta fish is nothing more than that. So you must be cautious about this plant.  

This plant can be rotten under the water. At that time this plant may create the aquarium unhabitable for your betta fish. So always try to avoid it. However, if you eagerly want to add this then make sure to submerge the roots fully under the substrate and all the leaves should be on top of the water surface according to the source

Furthermore, this plant is toxic to your skin too. According to the source, more than 350,000 people are affected by this plant per year in the United States. So it is not recommended to add in a betta tank anyhow. 

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2. Peace lily

Peace lily

If you want to make a planted betta tank then peace lily should not be your choice of plant. It is such a plant that is not technically poisonous however, from this plant chemical releases by which fish can become sick or even dead.   

This chemical is known as Calcium Oxalate. If you keep a peace lily in a betta fish tank then it may nibble if you run out of food. At that time, calcium oxalate may release and make your aquarium toxic. 

Furthermore, betta fish are considered labyrinth species. It means they can breathe from the air too. So fundamentally they aren’t compatible with peace lilies. 

3. Money plant

Money Plant

Money plants are very well-known plants for home decor. People keep this plant inside the room to create a good ambiance. However, it is not an aquatic plant technically. That is why, like peace lilies, the money plant is not also suitable for aquariums. 

Money plants can’t be kept fully submerged in a betta tank. So in that direction, it is not compatible with betta fish. 

Not only that but, it releases calcium oxalate like peace lily that degrade the slime coat of betta fish. However, they are not fully toxic to aquarium fish but are not recommended to keep in a fish tank. If you need a comprehensive idea then click the link below. 

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4. Water lettuce

Water lettuce

Water lettuce is known as a water plant worldwide. You can see this plant anywhere in ponds, lakes, or rivers. So it seems like the water lettuce is suitable for a betta tank. 

The bad thing about water lettuce is it spreads all over the water surface if it is not cared for properly. So we can’t say that it is suitable for betta tanks. A betta fish needs enough water to get oxygen from the air. 

Furthermore, despite not being directly toxic to fish, water lettuce releases calcium oxalate like money plants or peace lily. So it will be a wise decision to avoid water lettuce.  

On the other hand, water lettuce is bad for kids. If you have kids in your house then you should not build a planted betta tank with water lettuce. It releases chemicals that may burn the skin and mouth. Moreover, it can damage the kidney too according to the source

5. Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley

Convallaria majalis, particularly known as Lily of the valley, is toxic to the aquarium. So you can’t add this plant in a betta tank. 

According to the source, all parts of this plant are toxic. Here all the parts mean you can include roots, stems, flowers, leaves, and bulbs. 

Especially the bulb of lily of the valley contains highly toxins i.e. cardiac glycoside. These are toxic for fish according to the study. Not only that, but this creates harmful effects on humans and other animals too. So it is better not to choose for your adorable betta tank somehow. 

6. Water hemlock

Water hemlock

Water hemlock is such a plant that you should not choose for your betta tank. It is very strictly prohibited. 

The water hemlock isn’t a popular plant for aquariums though you can put it into your aquarium unknowingly. So you must be careful about this. 

Despite its name, it can’t be placed in an aquarium because of its toxic body parts. According to the source, all the parts of this plant are toxic. However, you must be more careful from the roots. 

The roots contain alkaloids that are fatal for fish and humans both. So you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by its beauty. 

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7. Caladium


Caladium is a very known aquatic plant to all people. You may have seen this plant on the bank of rivers or ponds. It is very eye-catching but not good for a betta aquarium.

The sap of the caladium plant carries calcium oxalate crystals. Previously we have discussed how dangerous it is for betta or any other ornamental fish. 

Not only about calcium oxalate, but you may find asparagine in it. This is very toxic to animals. Now if you have other mammal pets like dogs or cats then you must avoid it. They can nibble this unknowingly and may fall into serious sickness. 

Final Thoughts 

This article has discussed the top 7 toxic plants for betta fish. In this list, you can find some plants that are dedicatedly not recommended for betta fish. These are money plants, peace lily, water lettuce, etc. Basically, they partially lock the water surface which is bad for a betta fish as it absorbs oxygen from the air. 

Some plants in this list are highly toxic for each & every fish including betta fish. All parts of these plants contain chemicals. These are water hemlock and lily of the valley. So you must avoid these in every aquarium. 

Best of luck & happy fish keeping.  

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