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How Fast Do Cichlids Grow in Aquarium?: EXCLUSIVE Researched Information

growth rate of cichlid fish

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As there various types of cichlids are available that’s why there is no set pattern of the growth rate of cichlids. The growth rate of African cichlids varies from 5-7 inches within 1-2 years whereas South & Central American cichlids grow an average of 6-8 inches within 1-1.5 years. North American cichlids take time to grow 5-6 inches in between 6 months to 1 year.

So basically cichlids have not set a pattern of growth rate like pleco fish. Different types of cichlids grow differently. Here I’ll show the growth rate of each of every popular cichlid fish. To know more keep scrolling.

So let’s discuss one by one

This information is fully researched practically, not assumptions. This information is the ideal one so it can vary. Exceptions are always been there. Aqualifeexpert has not considered exceptions here  


How fast do angelfishes grow?

Angelfish is one of the common types of cichlid fish. Lots of new aquarists start with angelfish. But if you are new then you need to know its growth rate. This information will help you to choose the proper tank for angelfish

Generally, angelfish grows up to 6 inches long. So this fish needs a minimum 10 gallon tank for one fish. For a pair, you must go for 20 gallon and not less than that. So if you want to get healthy growth then you need to remember it.

If all things are okay then an angelfish can take 1 year to 1.5 years to get its full growth (6 inches) but if you can provide more space than 20 gallon then it can grow up to 10 inches long but that is exceptional.

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How fast do blood parrot cichlids grow?

Blood parrot cichlid grows up to 8 inches long if it gets proper foods, available space to swim, and a healthy environment. This cichlid needs lots of space to grow properly. Lots of people don’t provide it and that’s why they complain about its growth rate.

Generally, blood parrot cichlid needs a minimum 30-gallon tank to stay happily. But for a pair of blood parrot fish, you need to provide a 40-50 gallon tank. But there is no set pattern of its growth rate. Your fish could not grow faster even after getting this quantity of space. So if you want to play safe then a 100-gallon tank is most recommended.

So if everything is okay then you can expect 0.5 inches per month as a growth rate of blood parrot cichlid. But this rate is more dependent on external factors.

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How fast do convict cichlids grow?

Convict cichlids are one of the common cichlids among all aquarists. This type of cichlid is very aggressive and territorial in nature. So you need a little bit of experience to keep convict cichlids.

Convict cichlid grows up to 6 inches long. But you need to provide proper food and a healthy environment. This cichlid has not set a pattern to grow. So you have to check all parameters which can prevent the growth of cichlids if this is not growing much.

Tank size is the most important thing and you should know about it. A pair of convict cichlid needs 40 gallon of the fish tank and then you can expect 4-5 inches of growth in length within 1-1.5 years. But then the growth rate slows down. Convict cichlid takes 2-5 years to reach its full size, 6 inches if all parameters are okay.

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How fast do Oscar fishes grow?

Oscar fish grows up to 10 inches long and it needs more space to grow than any other cichlids. So you need to remember that thing. This is too much aggressive and territorial in nature. That’s why you should provide some extra space.

A small quantity of space generates stress in its body and that’s one of the main reasons why your Oscar is not growing. One Oscar fish needs a minimum of 50 gallon of the fish tank but for a pair, you can go for a 70-80 gallon tank.

Oscar can grow fast and that’s why you need to prepare for it. You can consider 1-inch growth rate per month if every parameter is okay. After one year you can expect around it full growth.

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How fast do discus fishes grow?

Discus fishes are one the sophisticated cichlids that you can keep in your aquarium. You need to get some experience to keep this fish. In spite of this fish is beginner-friendly, you need to know about its growth rate.

The length of the discus fish varies between 4.8 to 6 inches long in length. Now if you want to get some healthy discus fish then you need to know about its tank size. One discus fish needs a minimum of 7 gallons of water. But you shouldn’t keep one discus in a tank. Minimum 5 fish needs 50-gallon fish tank which is recommended.

Now if everything is okay then discus fish can grow up to 4 inches long within 6 months. Within 1 year you can expect that it will reach around its full growth.

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How fast do green terror cichlids grow?

In wild green terror cichlids grow up to 12 inches long. But in the aquarium, it will not grow like that. Maximum it grows up to 8 inches long in a normal tank. But if you put it in a huge tank then there are some possibilities to exceed that normal length of it.

The proper tank size of green terror is 30 gallon. You can go for a bigger one than it. A bigger tank size is recommended because it grows fast. You can expect 2 inches to 6 inches within 5 months as its growth rate depends upon all external factors.

How fast do peacock cichlids grow?

There are lots of types of peacock cichlids. These are full of colors and that’s why this type of cichlid is famous among all fish keepers. Generally, peacock cichlids grow up to 6-7 inches long and it needs a minimum 50 gallon fish tank to stay healthy.

This is so active fish and if you keep this in your community tank then you need a minimum of 100-gallon fish tank. So remember this if you want to make a community fish tank with peacock cichlid.

But the growth rate of peacock cichlid is very slow. This is not like other cichlids. So if you provide proper things till it grows slow. It will grow up to 1-1.5 inches within 6 months. Generally, it takes up to 3 years of time to reach 6-7 inches.

How fast do firmouth cichlids grow?

Firemouth cichlids are very common cichlids. This is not so much aggressive like other cichlids but when the spawning season comes then it becomes aggressive and territorial in nature. That’s why you need to provide good space to grow freely.

Firemouth cichlids grow up to 6-8 inches long. But in a common tank, it grows up to 6 inches long. If you provide more space, then it can grow more than 6 inches. To grow fully it needs 30 gallon tank for a pair. If you want to keep one firemouth cichlid then 15-gallon fish tank is enough.

The growth rate is the average of this cichlid. It grows up to 2-3 inches within 6-8 months. If everything is okay then it will take 2-3 years to grow fully.

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How fast do jaguar cichlids grow?

Jaguar cichlid is not like other cichlid fishes. This grows up to 14-16 inches long. It’s huge as cichlid fishes. This is aggressive also. So from this data, you can assume easily that you need big space if you want to keep it in your fish tank.

If you want to keep jaguar cichlid fish then you should start with 70 gallon tank. The more space you give the more active it will be. If you give less space then it will be so much aggressive and other fish will be in trouble.

If everything is okay then jaguar cichlid can grow up to three-quarters of an inch for the first six weeks. It will grow to close to an inch per month until it gets 5-6 inches long and then it slows down.

How fast do jack Dempsey and Texas cichlids grow?

Jack Dempsey and Texas cichlid both are North American cichlids. So from this you can assume what the growth rate of North American cichlids is.

Jack Dempsey fish is not like other cichlids. This is territorial in nature if you keep it with a community tank but this is not so much aggressive like other cichlids. So you can easily keep it in your tank.

But you have to remember that you need a minimum 55-gallon fish tank to keep it because the maximum size of a jack Dempsey is 10 inches long. So it needs quiet space to stay healthy whereas Texas cichlids need a 50-gallon fish tank. Texas cichlid grows up to 13 inches long but 50 gallon is enough for it.

The growth rate depends upon the tank size and other external factors. If everything is okay then jack Dempsey and Texas cichlid both can grow 4-5 inches long within three months but after three months both fishes’ growth rates slow down.

Final thought

So this is the researched data about the growth rate of some cichlids. These data are not the assumption of anyone. I’ve researched all of these fishes personally and found this information which I’ve said in this article.

But for you, these can be different because all species don’t grow the same within the same amount of time. But the range will be similar.

The main aim of this article is to give proper data about the growth rate of cichlid. It will help you to start fish-keeping with some beautiful cichlids as pets.

So best of luck & happy fishkeeping 🐟

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