Full Guidance with Care Sheet

How to Take Care  A Goldfish

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Minimum Tank Size of Goldfish 

2.5 cm Goldfish = 11 Ltr

Basic Thumb Rule

(2.5+1.5+2) cm Goldfish  = 26.4 Ltr

2.5 cm

2.5 cm

1.5 cm

2 cm

1 Gallon = 4.54 Ltr

So approximately 20 gallon is enough for 4-5 avg sized goldfish



Fancy Goldfish produce more waste. So it requires more space.

1-2 fish is enough to keep in a 20 gallon tank.

Having live plants are mandatory for goldfish


The substrate is better than a bare tank. Beneficial bacteria grow on it.

Best Food For  Goldfish 

Primary  foods

Goldfish is an opportunistic feeder & it eats within first 2-3 minutues 

Blood Worm 



Tubiflex Worms

Brine Shrimp

Secondary foods


Peas are enriched with fiber which helps to recover constipation issue.

Fruits & vegetables should be given once a week

Bread is bad as goldfish food

 Goldfish need 45% protein, 7% fat, vitamin A,D, K, Carbs & minerals.


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The Water Parameters of Goldfish Tank

Temperature  68° to 74° F

Ammonia Level  0 ppm

kH Level  80 ppm

pH Level  7.0 - 8.4 ppm


Tank Mates of Goldfish 

Suitable Tank Mates

Avoid Tank Mates


Pleco Fish

Barb Fish

Platy Fish

Ghost Shrimp

Pleco Fish

Convict Cichlids

Tiger Barb

Goldfish in Fish Bowl

Goldfish Should Not Be Kept in A Fish Bowl

Low water surface area

Lack of filtration system

Lack of space to grow

Sudden ammonia spike  


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