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Best food for aquarium fish to grow faster: Don’t miss it

best food for aquarium fish

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Food is the most important part of your aquarium fish growth you already know but you must provide some quality food that will help far better than a general one. This thing is not mandatory for all but if you want faster growth then you must focus on the quality of the food.

To grow faster the aquarium fishes need a mixture of calcium, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and a little bit of fat and one specific type of food can’t provide all of these. As green colored food zucchini, peas, lettuce, cucumber, fresh vegetables, flake food should use and as protein-rich food daphnia, protein pellets, brine shrimp, glass worms, bloodworms, meaty foods should use to grow fish faster.  But this varies a lot because you can’t give the same food to all of your fish species.

But here I’ll guide you on how to choose the best food for your aquarium fish to grow faster.

So without wasting much time let’s dive deep into the topic.

What is the definition of the best food for fish?

All we know is that quality food contains protein, fat, vitamin, minerals, carbohydrate and so on. But you must know that fish doesn’t need all of these to grow faster. If you provide all of these then fish will face problems. So you should aware of which ingredients fishes need to grow faster

Proper food for aquarium fish

Nutrients Requirements (in percentage) Remarks
Protein 45-50 Protein is the most important thing to grow a juvenile fish
Carbohydrate 25 A higher percentage of carbohydrates may reduce the growth rate of fish
Fat 8-10 Extra fat may damage the liver
Fiber 4 Carnivorous can’t digest it well
vitamin 8 It should use within a month after buying
Minerals 8 Calcium and phosphorus are the most important minerals

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Here in this chart, you can easily understand which types of nutrients are more important for the growth of a fish in the aquarium. But if you keep only herbivorous fish then you should provide a minimum of 35% protein instead of 45-50% because this type of fish doesn’t need more protein where you should give 50% or protein to juvenile fish.

If we talk about carbohydrates then an adult fish can digest up to 40% of carbohydrates but should not cross this limit and herbivorous types of fish need 3-5% of fat instead of 8-10%.

Now we need to find the food where we can get these types of proper nutrient ratios.

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  1. Protyn’s dried larvae

This is one of the best foods for carnivorous fishes to help them to grow faster. If you keep this type of fish in an aquarium then you must consider this food for fish. The specialty of this food is it has high calcium concentration. So it will help to strengthen your fish’s spinal cord and bones. It has low fat which is good for fishes and it contains omega 6 and omega 9 which is helpful for the better heart of fishes. Go and check today’s discounted offer on Amazon now

Note – Special food for Arowana, Flowerhorn, Oscar, and other carnivorous fishes

Protyn’s dried Larvae

1.       Protein 40%
2.       Calcium 3%
3.       Fibre 5%
4.       Fat 10%
5.       Others 22%

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  1. Optimum CP gold

This is a food that is good for herbivorous fishes in your aquarium. This is a veg food product. The main thing is that this is very cheap and anyone can afford it easily. If you want to grow your herbivores fish faster, then you should use this cheap food surely. If your fishes are not getting vitamins then you must consider this product increase the vitamin level (C & E) in its body by giving to eat. Not only that, by eating this food your fishes will get their original body colour back again if it gets fade away. You can use this for all fishes. Go and check today’s discounted offer in Amazon now

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Note – Specially you can use it for goldfish, fancy carp, swordtail, platies molly, cichlids etc.

Optimum CP gold

1.       Protein 28%
2.       Fat 3%
3.       Fibre 4%
4.       Moisture 10%


  1. Tetra bits complete

This is the food product that you can use to feed coldwater fishes to grow faster. This helps to increase the power of fish to fight various types of diseases. This is a complete food for aquarium fishes you can say because this has a combination of vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, and minerals. So you fishes will not feel weak anymore if you keep feeding this food regularly.

This is a pellet type of food and the mail specialty of pellet food is this sinks much faster than flake and this is very much helpful for middle and bottom dwellers. So overall this will be good for your fish. Go and check today’s discounted offer on Amazon now

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Note – Especially you can use it for goldfish. Tetra groups and discus

Tetra bits complete

1.       Protein 47.5%
2.       Oil 6.5%
3.       Fibre 2%
4.       Ash 10.5%
5.       Moisture 6%


  1. Hikari algae wafers

This is another food for only herbivorous fishes to grow faster. If you have bottom dwellers and algae eater fishes then nothing will be suitable for it. The ingredients are purely veg like wheat flour, starch, soybean meal, fish oil, spirulina etc. This will decrease the deficit of carbohydrates in the body of fish in the aquarium. So you should consider it feeding if you have algae eater fishes like otocinclus, pleco, shrimp, clown loach, etc. But don’t give it to your goldfish or cichlids. Go and check today’s discounted offer on Amazon now

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Note – Especially you can use it for pleco and catfish. 

Hikari algae eater

1.       Protein 33%
2.       Fat 4%
3.       Fibre 3%
4.       Moisture 10%
5.       Ash 17%


  1. Cichlids XL sticks

If you are keeping cichlids nowadays in an aquarium then you should buy this to feed them to help them to grow faster. They will love this product very much. As this food float on the surface of the water that’s why cichlids can eat it easily. It helps to increase vitamin C in the body of fish. This is very good for larger fish just because of its protein percentage. You can see below the chart that this food contains half of the protein. Go and check today’s discounted offer on Amazon now

Note – This is suitable food for cichlids, Oscar, catfish, barbs etc.   

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Cichlids XL sticks

1.       protein 46%
2.       Fat 8%
3.       Fibre 2%
4.       Ash 10%
5.       Water 6%

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Final thoughts

This is not mandatory to give expensive foods to your fish. You can give homemade foods also. You have to do some trial and error and after a while, you will get a final recipe for your fish’s food.

But if you have money to buy ready-made food then you must consider my suggestions here. If you want to buy cheap ready-made food then Optimum CP gold is the best if you want to grow your fish fast. Your fish will love it definitely. But remember don’t overfeed them. 2-3 times a day is enough.

So best of luck & happy fishkeeping 🐟

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