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Why is your fish hiding? Be AWARE from these common faults

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Hiding is a common tendency of fishes in aquarium and everybody has faced it probably very often. But there are tons of reasons on why you fishes are hiding.

When fishes face any type of diseases, bullying from other strong fishes, fluctuation of water temperature, overcrowding in the aquarium, bad companion then fishes generally hide into the hiding place in the aquarium. Extra water flow and a new environment can be the causes of it also.

As you are keeping fish as a pet doesn’t mean that it will be safe all the time. It may face tons of problems under water which you can’t even recognize for some time. To keep secure from those major problems you should make some good hiding spots of fishes.

But you must aware of these reasons in-depth before going to make some hiding spots in your aquarium or fish tanks.

So without wasting much time let’s dive deep into the topic

Why is your fish hiding in the hiding places in the aquarium?


There are tons of reasons which may occur with your fishes but here I’ll discuss about some general causes which happens very often with every fish keepers.

Let’s discuss these issues

Fish is facing some diseases now


When fishes get illness then its natural tendency is to hide itself from community. So when you see that your fish is hiding then you should consider this as the cause of this incident.

But how you will be sure that your fish is ill?

According to the source if you notice these things then you should know that your fish is ill and that’s why it is hiding from its community

  1. If fish is not eating anything
  2. If you see white spots on its fins
  3. Discolored gills is a symptoms of illness
  4. If fish is rubbing it’s body with hard surfaces frequently
  5. If it’s swimming upside down
  6. Inflated eyes is the symptoms of illness

Now these are the common things which you may notice when your fish is hiding and at that moment you should take precautions on it.

Fish is not so strong and facing bullying


If you select school fish for our aquarium then you should choose good companion for it. School fish means those fish which loves to stay in a group.

Now if you put single school fish in our aquarium unknowingly then your fish may face big trouble and it will feel safe by hiding anywhere in aquarium. Not only that, if a fish is unable to find good companion in aquarium, then it may find hiding spot also.

This is a very bad thing for fish because ultimately weaker fish can’t able to come out and after a while you will find it dead. So be careful of it.

Note – Neon Tetra, Marbled Hatchetfish, Catfish, Octocinclus Catfish, Panda Corydoras are the Peaceful type of fish and it should be kept in a group always.     

Lots of movements occur outside the aquarium


If an aquarium is kept in a busy place in a house or an office or hospital, then fishes may hide anywhere in aquarium. This happens just because fishes get scared by the lots of movement coming outside from aquarium. So this will create stress on it and it hides.

Not only just because of the outside movement, fishes can be afraid by seeing lots of movement of inside the aquarium also.

If you put school fish with some active fishes like shark etc then school fish will be afraid to move freely by seeing lots of activities by shark or any active fish species. So this can be a issue for hiding your fishes.

Water flow should be less


If your aquarium has high water flow then that may create a problem for some fishes. If it happens then fishes may feel exhausted and this lead to them to hide under a safe place, they feel. This thing will happen if you use a very powerful filter for a peaceful fish species.

Some fish are habituated with this but some of those like the little steam of water. So keep eye on this issue if you find fishes are hiding in aquarium.

 Note – Angelfish, Betta, Guppy are some common fish which may hide due to facing this type of problem  

Adaption can be a big issue


If you introduce a whole community with a new fish then it may behave like a new comer. Right? Then it may hide under a safest spot. After a while it will be good but there is a cause like this if you put a new fish into your aquarium.

So don’t put a single inactive fish into a busy aquarium. But if you want to put a active fish then it will be okay.

Fluctuation of water temperature or pH


If you find okay with those previous issues, then you should check the temperature of water of aquarium because sometimes water gets too cold for fish and that’s why they can’t able to digest foods very well and due to this issue they can’t able to get energies to swim well and they feel tired very much.

Not only that, due to low temperature dissolve oxygen may be less than normal one and that’s why fishes face respiratory problem. This can be an issue which can lead to hide in aquarium.

During the time of hatching eggs


If your fish is going to hatch eggs then it goes down to a safe spot in aquarium and this is so obvious. Isn’t it?

That’s why hiding spots are so important also. But if you are seeing your fishes are hiding for a very long time then egg hatching may be a cause for them. Basically male fish guard its eggs and try to protect it by hiding from other activities of aquarium.

For an example British Cichlids take eggs by mouth and try to find a safe spot behind filters and that’s why you may see that your fish is hiding behind filter. At this moment they can’t fight and that’s why they try to find safe spots

Note – Bristlenose Plecos is the good example of it. Male fish guards its eggs by hiding

Final thoughts


So here we’ve known why fish hides in aquarium. There are tons of reasons may occur but the most common reasons has been discussed here and you should check about this reasons first. Mainly fish hides just because of stress.

So you as a fish keeper have to check its stress point and must remove it. Your fish may get some injury also but that is not the common one. But you should keep eye on fishes.

So I hope you have known something valuable. If you think it’s useful please share with your friend who needs it.

So best of luck & happy fishkeeping 🐟

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