Souvik Nag· 20 Jan, 2022

Saltwater Aquarium VS Reef Aquarium

Know the basic differences

Aqualifeexpert Presents


Primary Attraction

Fish Are The Primary Attraction of Saltwater Aquariums

Live Corals Are The Primary Attraction of Reef Tanks

Live Rocks

Live Rocks Are Not Mandatory for Saltwater Aquariums

Live Rocks Are Mandatory for Reef Tanks

Aquarium Type

A saltwater Aquarium Can Be Fish Only Or Fish Only With Live Rock Both

The Reef Tank Should Start With Live Rock Only

Aquarium Lights

Having High Quality Lights are not Mandatory For Saltwater Aquarium

LED Light For Reef Tank From Amazon

A Reef Tank requires A Good LED Light


Making & Maintenance Cost

A Saltwater Aquarium Can Be Made At A Cheaper Cost Comparatively

A Reef Tank Requires Much Higher Cost Than A Saltwater Tank

Substrate Conditions

A Saltwater Tank Can Be Bare Bottom Tank

A Reef Tank Should Have A Sandy Substrate

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