How to Pick the Best Planted Aquarium Light Presents

Souvik Nag


Basic Goals of Planted Aquarium Light

01. Growing plants faster

02. Enhancing the color of the plants

03. Minimizing the algal growth in tanks


4 Factors To Check About Aquarium Light

01. A branded LED light should be purchased for long run benefit

02. Make sure that the light covers the entire tank.

03. Make sure that the light is bright enough

04. Use a timer with LED light


01. Color Spectrum

a neutral white light around 6500 to 7000K is good because it best simulates natural daylight.

choose a light with just about any color spectrum as long as it’s not too blue



02. Light Spread

Most aquarium lights have a good 1-foot light spread directly below these.

So, if the aquarium is 18 to 24 inches wide, then purchase two aquarium lights or use one cheap shop light



03. Light Intensity

Low-intensity lights can grow anubias, cryptocoryne, ferns, and other undemanding plants. Medium lights are good for stem plants

The intensity of plant growing lights is often measured as PAR



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