How Long Does A Fish Live Without A Food? Presents


1. Baby fish

3 days to 7 days

Some fries can die off within 8 hours without food. However, some of them use egg yolk as food & live up to 3-5 days


2. Goldfish

3 days to months

At winter season goldfish eat very little. During this time it can skip meals for weeks


3. Cichlids

7 days to months

Either cichlids become timid or become territorial if they don't get food for long time.


4. Koi Fish

Several months

Koi can live unfed for months during winter season but can't live for weeks during summer due to high metabolic demands


5. Betta Fish

The vibrant body color start getting fade if betta are unfed for several days. They become sick too.

3 days to 14 days


6. Danios

Danios are not fussy eaters so if they are not getting external foods then they can manage appetite by eating insects & all

Up to 2 weeks


7. Tetras

Tetras should not be unfed for long time. They become week quickly. However, neon tetras can live more than other tetras without food

Up to 10 days


8. Flowerhorn

Despite being a strong fish, flowerhorn should not be kept unfed for a long period of time.

14 days to months


9. Glofish

Food habit of glofish is like danios & barbs. They become timid if they don't get quality nutrition

7 to 10 days


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