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How to keep driftwood from rotting? With Cost Analysis of materials

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Driftwood is such a thing that will rot if it is not preserved well. As this will be kept underwater, that’s why it should be treated well before putting it underwater in an aquarium.

To prevent rotting driftwood should be coated with good quality wood glue. Titebond 3 is good to use as wood glue. Water-based sealant can be a good option to prevent the rotting of driftwood. But before applying the sealant on it make sure to rinse the driftwood well. Linseed oil can be used also to make it waterproof.

But there is more to know about this process because there are lots of things which you can do to prevent rot from driftwood.

There are mainly three ways which you can use to prevent the rotting of any driftwood. But you don’t need to apply all of these. Only one is enough to prevent rotting. But here I’m giving you all of these.

Now let’s discuss these methods comprehensively

Cost analysis to make rot proof driftwood (Tentative)

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Coat with wood glue Coat with Sealant Coat with linseed oil
Items Avg Price Items Avg Price Items Avg Price
Titebond 3 $30 Roxil wood protection cream $24 Linseed oil $33
Sandpaper 220 $12 Sandpaper 220 $12 Turpentine oil $9
Brush $6 Sandpaper 60 $11 Apple cider vinegar $23
Brush $6 Sandpaper 220 $12
Brush $6
Total = $48 (approx) Total = $53 (approx) Total = $83 (approx)

Before dive deep into the methods, you must know that driftwood rots due to the touch of excessive water and you need to prevent that touch of water by applying some paints or glues on it well. Here all methods are all about making driftwood waterproof. So that it will not rot again.

Coat driftwood well with any good wood glue

Wood glue is a very good option to make driftwood waterproof. An example of good wood glue is titebond 3. The main advantage of this glue is this is approved for indirect food contact. So fish will not be affected also. You have to give it to dry a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes after applying on driftwood.

But titebond 2 is also good to use to make driftwood water-resistant. The price of titebond 2 is also less than titebond 3 which you can check on Amazon here. But the main difference with titebond 3 is titebond 2 is just water-resistant but this is not waterproof where titebond 3 is waterproof. Basically, if you apply titebond 3 then you will be one step ahead to prevent the rotting of your driftwood.

You should remember while applying titebond 3 or 2 on driftwood that there should be two coats to make driftwood waterproof. As driftwood will be underwater all the time, that’s why it needs to cover all over with wood glue. After 45 minutes of drying the first coat, the second coat should apply to it thoroughly.

After applying two coats the driftwood will look shiny a little bit. To remove that shiny appearance you can use sandpaper (220 grit) to remove it by rubbing with it well.

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Use a sealant to make it waterproof

Sealants are used to make wood waterproof and you know that if your driftwood is waterproof then the chances of rotting will be very less. So you can use a sealant to make your driftwood waterproof also.

Here Roxil wood protection cream is one of the best sealants which you can use to make driftwood waterproof. The main advantage of this product is it prevents the growth of algae on driftwood. So if you are worried about thinking that your driftwood is covered with algae then you can use it without any hesitation. Here you can check today’s discounted price on Amazon.

Before using any sealant you need to rinse the driftwood well. There should not be any dirt. After rinsing it you must sand it well with sandpaper. Make sure that there should not be any rough uneven edges.

First, you need to sand that driftwood with rough sandpaper (60-100 grit). This will remove the sharp and hard edges if there are any. After that, you need to take fine-grit sandpaper (220 grit) to get an even and smooth finish.   

After sanding it well you need a sealant to make driftwood waterproof. Here I’ve suggested a wood sealant before which you can use to make it waterproof. First, you need to clear the dust on driftwood after sanding, and then you should apply the first coat gently all over the driftwood well with a brush.

After that, it needs 4-10 hours to dry. After drying fully you need to sand it again with fine sandpaper. This step should follow after drying the sealant completely. Then two and three coats should follow after the last sanding process on driftwood. Give proper timing to dry the last two coats and then driftwood will be ready to use.

Note: – Sealants evaporate quickly that’s why it is recommended not to open the pot for so long.

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Use linseed oil to prevent rotting

Applying linseed oil to make driftwood waterproof is one of the best methods. If you are looking for a permanent solution then this method is only for you. For the first two methods, you may face some problems after years but if you waterproof driftwoods with linseed oil then it will run for several years.

Now let’s discuss the process

To prevent rotting by this method you need linseed oil, turpentine oil, and apple cider vinegar. You need a metal container where you will mix all of this. After that take 1 part linseed oil, 1 part turpentine oil, and 0.5 part apple cider vinegar and then stir with a spoon well.

After making the oil ready you need to sand the driftwood well with fine-grit sandpaper. This should be the first thing before applying oil on driftwood. After the sanding process is done, then apply the first coat of that oil on driftwood but make sure that driftwood is dry enough.

After applying the first coat you have to give it 30 minutes to dry it up. 30 minutes later you have to wipe off the excess oil from the surface of the driftwood. Lastly, you have to apply two more coats on it and then it will be fully waterproof with rot proof.

Note: – Boiled linseed oil metal drying agents and that is poisonous. Try to buy raw linseed oil for this purpose.

Final thoughts

Driftwood is an essential part of the aquascape. A well-planted aquarium needs some quality driftwoods. Now after making such a beautiful aquascape if driftwood starts rotting a few days later then all of the efforts will become a failure. So making driftwood rot proof is mandatory if you want to be a good aquarist.

So here I’ve discussed comprehensively three ways how to keep driftwood from rotting. If you want to invest a lot to make the aquarium better then you should go for a permanent solution. Otherwise, you can apply the first two methods also. Those are also much effective.

So best of luck & happy fishkeeping🐟

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