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Cloudy Goldfish Tank? The Original Causes (Especially THIRD) & Solutions

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When you start your own goldfish tank you can find it cloudy seldom. People get scared by seeing this and think that there are some serious issues in their goldfish tank.

Generally, bacterial bloom and algal bloom are the main causes to become cloudy goldfish tanks. But the goldfish tank can be cloudy just after the setting of the tank due to the gravel residue. It can be cloudy due to the dissolved elements also. It takes time for cloudy of goldfish tank to algal bloom and bacterial bloom.

These are some basic causes for which a goldfish tank becomes cloudy. But the only one-word description isn’t enough to know about this. Let’s know these things comprehensively.

Take a quick look at this video to know why your new aquarium is cloudy

Why does my goldfish tank become cloudy?

Causes of the cloudy goldfish tank

Goldfish tank is just like other fish tanks. These are some basic causes that make a fish tank cloudy. These are applicable to other fish tanks also. Let’s start the discussion

During the making period of a goldfish tank, you add substrate in the tank definitely. This is a primary thing of any fish tank. Now after completing the making process of the goldfish tank some small gravel particles float in the water layer. These can be huge in number. This makes the water of the goldfish tank cloudy. So don’t be scared by seeing this. This is the common thing that happens after making any fish tank.

SolutionThe basic solution to solve this problem is not doing anything for it. A few days later it will become the norm and then you can add goldfish in that tank easily. Don’t stir or anything during this time. It will become cloudier if you do this. Just keep it isolated and keep watch its change for a few days.

These things can happen if the aquarist is lazy enough to maintain the goldfish tank. This type of cloudiness won’t happen if the aquarist clears the fish tank on regular basis. If you don’t want cloudiness in your goldfish tank then make sure not to provide excess foods to goldfish.

Goldfish need to eat two to three times daily. The thumb rule to feed goldfish is to give the number of foods to goldfish that goldfish can eat under the first two minutes.

Now those who have no experience in it can think that goldfish are always hungry but this thing insists to do overfeeding. Overfeeding helps to accumulate dirt and wastes which make the water cloudy of the goldfish tank.

SolutionTo remove this type of cloudiness from goldfish you need to check to overfeed the fish. This is the main thing to get crystal clear water. Another thing is that you need to clean and change the water frequently. This will give you a temporary solution until you check the overfeeding of the goldfish. 

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An algal bloom is one of the main causes to get a cloudy aquarium. Lots of aquarists face this problem and think that they have done anything wrong. Actually, they did unknowingly. If you are facing such problems then you should know that your goldfish tank is affected by algal bloom.

There are different two types of algal bloom that make the aquarium cloudy. One makes the water green and another makes the water brown. So you should understand about algal bloom if you see anything like that. Generally when tiny green or brown alga floats in the water layer with huge groups then it occurs.

Algae are not harmful thing for an aquarium. These are like other aquatic plants. These don’t create any harm to the fish directly. But when alga bloom occurs then algae takes all the oxygen of the aquarium. After the death of it, algae create a cover through which oxygen and light can’t penetrate and at that time all living organisms die off. This happens at the aquarium also. So you should take precautions before starting such things.

Due to the improper nutrient balance and for the excessive lights the green cloudy water appears. These are the main reasons for green cloudy water. Secondary reasons are lack of maintenance of the aquarium and providing excessive food. Those extra uneaten foods break into small particles and these create ammonia and phosphate. Beneficial bacteria break ammonia into nitrite. These things help to grow algae faster. So you have to reduce to provide excess food.

Phosphate comes from decaying sources and fish wastes. Now if you don’t clean your aquarium frequently then the quantity of decaying matter and fish waste will increase. After that green cloudy water will appear in your goldfish tank.

Due to the excessive light, the new aquarium setup and the presence of silicate are responsible for brown cloudy water. Low maintenance is another cause of it. So if you see these things in your goldfish tank then you should check these parameters.

Solution – UV sterilizer is the only permanent solution to remove green cloudy water from a goldfish tank. Besides this, you can change the 80-90% water of the whole aquarium to change the cloudy situation of a goldfish tank. But it’s better to start a goldfish tank from scratch if you get green cloudy water.  

To remove brown algae you can use a siphon vac to clean the gravels and all. Scrub all glasses can be a solution for it. Turning off the light for a few days in the aquarium can help to remove both of these algal blooms also.

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Bacterial bloom is almost similar to the algal bloom. The main cause of it is to low maintenance of the goldfish tank. The only filter won’t do all things. You have to remove all the debris from the goldfish tank immediately. Due to the dirt, debris, and fish waste ammonia and phosphate level increases and more bacteria colony creates to nullify the effects of ammonia and phosphate in the goldfish tank. But this can’t happen overnight. This takes time to occur. Bacteria are good but if there are lots of wastes due to low maintenance then bacterial bloom appears in a fish tank. Overall a goldfish tank faces the blurry and cloudy bluish water due to bacterial bloom.

SolutionTo remove bacterial bloom the only action you should take is to maintain the goldfish tank well. So after setting up a new goldfish tank you have to focus on its maintenance. This will reduce the chances of appearing bacterial bloom. Try to change the water twice a week. Scrub the glasses very well. Use siphon vac to clean gravels and substrate. Reduce the intensity of light. Take the interval of 1-2 days to give foods again. Goldfish will be comfortable without food.   

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So ultimately cloudiness is not so harmful to goldfishes. But this kills the view of the aquarium. If you neglect cloudiness then it will become worse than anything else also. You have to make the goldfish tank from scratch. So keep in mind these types of cloudiness and take precautions against it.

Here I’ve discussed the generally four types of cloudiness of a goldfish tank with its solution. If you are facing such problems then you should check the causes out from here and take actions against them immediately before going to the worse condition

So best of luck & happy fishkeeping 🐟

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